How DiSC is helping teams to tackle change in 2021


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It’s not escaped any of our attention that the world is vastly different to how it was just a year ago. And the way we work has been turned upside down. But now, as we step into a new kind of normality, how do we manage that change? How do we bring our teams back together and become stronger and even more efficient? 
We must begin with understanding people… they like to learn, what motivates them, how they solve problems, what causes them stress and why they communicate the way they do.
Because it’s only when we truly understand the individuals who make up our team, that we can we harness this power and use it to reach our common goals. 
How to truly understand team members 
DiSC assessments have been used in all kinds of organisations around the world for 40 years. Put simply, it works by taking a short personality test to determine your behaviour in different situations. 
The four main personality profiles within the DiSC assessment tool are:
Dominance – confident with a focus on bottom line results
Influence – open, enjoys people and relationships
Steadiness – dependable and sincere
Conscientiousness – accurate, expert and competent 
D, I, S or C - which one are you? And which best describes each of your team members?
If you’re not 100% sure then you are missing the valuable opportunity to ensure your team are:
• In the most suitable role
• Achieving their full potential 
• Communicating and interacting effectively
• Achieving high levels of productivity
• Responding well to conflict and problem solving
• Feeling happy and motivated
By not taking advantage of the insight which DiSC profiling offers, you will forever be guessing, and will never enjoy all of the benefits of a cohesive team. 
How to arrange DiSC assessments where you work 
For a small investment, CDS Defence & Security will quickly, smoothy and expertly arrange DiSC profiling for your team. You will then be delivered an assessment session so that you can apply this fresh and vital knowledge to improve teamwork, communication and productivity at work. 
“For the clients we work with, this isn’t simply a fun HR exercise. It’s all about the bottom line, measurable results and in some cases life or death. We’re delighted to be utilising our DiSC assessment practitioner expertise to great effect with 300 Commanding Officers across the British Army.” 
Andy Moss, Learning Development Manager, CDS Defence & Security

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