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The Psychology Underpinning the Traits ‘Great’ Organisations Share

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The most successful organisations on the planet have one thing in common, a fundamental understanding of the importance of human nature and psychology.
Nowhere is this understanding more vital than in the defence sector, where gaps in motivation and fulfilment can cost dearly.
These facts provide the basis for our latest paper, "The Psychology Underpinning the Traits ‘Great' Organisations Share", where we uncover the different approaches to psychology that can help us better understand the people around us, and improve our operational efficacy as a result.
It highlights the major theoretical perspectives, including psychoanalysis, behaviour, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology and evolutionary psychology.
These perspectives offer different explanations and methods for studying human behaviour, such as unconscious drives, external stimuli, personal growth, mental processes and adaptive behaviours.
No single perspective can fully explain the complexities of human psychology, but a general understanding of the theoretical roots of the topic can help drive a more empathetic approach that will keep your organisation motivated, and on the ball at all times.
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