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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Defence Sector

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Precision, strategic acumen, and robust team dynamics aren't just desirable— they're essential for those of us in the defence industry. Leadership within this sector is often placed under an intense microscope, and rightly so. Demanding more than just tactical prowess; successful leadership in defence requires a deep understanding of human interactions, emotions, and motivation.
This article, written by behavioural psychologist Anna Howlett delves into the transformative role of emotional intelligence (EQ), and how the topic is reshaping leadership paradigms in defence.
By the end of this article, expect to:
  • Grasp the foundational concepts of emotional intelligence and its four key domains, laying the groundwork for its relevance in leadership contexts.
  • Explore the direct implications of EQ in defence, from strategic decision-making to managing high-pressure situations and fostering team cohesion.
  • Uncover the utility of the Everything DiSC model in nurturing emotionally intelligent leadership, offering actionable insights and strategies tailored for defence contexts.
  • Review compelling evidence linking high EQ levels in leaders to better job satisfaction, increased team collaboration, and enhanced operational success.
Download our guide, and learn how emotional intelligence can give your operational teams a strategic advantage.