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Earth Day - Our achievements so far...

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CDS DS, as part of Bailie Group Ltd, is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 and halving our emission by 2030. CDS DS have demonstrated this commitment by participating in a Sustainability focused committee to meet the goals of Bailie Group Ltd. These goals include a 5% reduction across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2023.

Certification and third party verification are key factors in determining a robust baseline by which to measure all future reductions against. The Bailie Group have independently verified their greenhouse gas emissions by employing the expertise of Planet Mark to support with carbon accounting. CDS DS are now Planetmark certified. With aid from the Bristol and Cheltenham site data from Planet Mark, CDS DS will use the 2020 and 2021 data to formulate a future strategy and to brainstorm gestures (big or small) to align with the reduction goals of Bailie Group Ltd.

Planet Mark

From left to right: Brian Jackson, Ryan Lodge, Lauren Lyndon, Khadijah Khatun, Katie McShera, Nicola Hudson, Ben Hopkins, Angus Clark. Before the RERF tour at Veolia in Leeds.

CDS DS visited a Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) based in Leeds to help with the brainstorm and thought process when it comes to tracking waste. CDS DS recognises the importance tracking and inherently minimising waste and plans to implement this environmental aspect to their strategy to meet the overall reduction goals of Bailie Group Ltd. CDS DS has extensively taken responsibility towards its asset recycling. For example, the Cheltenham site has made a call out to local schools to donate IT equipment and lever arch files. Old metal cabinets and redundant server cabinets have been sent to a metal breakers yard for a green disposal approach instead of your usual “being sent to landfill”. CDS DS is certified as zero to landfill already, and there is always more that can be done.

The recent refurbishment of the Cheltenham site included some sustainable additions such as the replacement of plastic water bottles with a filter tap; the addition of light sensors along with LED lighting throughout the building; a more energy efficient heating and ventilation system; renewable energy contract; recycled old carpet tiles and replaced with tiles that are made up of 40% recycled materials.

CDS DS is currently brainstorming ways in which the satellite office based in Bristol may reduce its footprint and ways that we can influence employees to think and act green.