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CDS DS secures Insider Threat contract renewal

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Since 2012, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has sought to demonstrate the maturity of its Insider Threat cyber security and information assurance controls by evidencing alignment with US driven requirements.

To achieve operational effectiveness within the tight timescales needed, CDS DS became the incumbent programme support provider. From programme and project management, decision and change support, right through to delivering specialist technology solutions and services, enterprise audit, analysis and permissions management, our embedded team became a valued partner in the successful delivery of the MOD’s wider Insider Threat programme.

Upon successful delivery of the initial operating capability, CDS DS continued to support the Insider Threat programme with specialist programme/project managers and a team of analysts and technicians.

CDS DS is therefore delighted to have been awarded contract extensions for its Insider Threat Sub Programme Team and Enterprise Audit Monitoring Team for three and five years respectively. This enables an uninterrupted level of support for this critical non-discretionary MOD capability, benefitting not only the UK but also its international partners.

Richard Bradley, Managing Director of CDS Defence & Security said of the contract renewal:

“Working in collaboration with the MOD to deliver this programme is an exemplar of Whole Force Approach best practice, and we are delighted to have secured these contracts to continue delivering a service which, we know, protects the security of our nation.

This is a complex and ever-evolving programme and operation, and our team of subject matter experts have un-paralleled knowledge across all in-scope systems and their operating environments. The real value of this approach is continued operational effectiveness of the MOD’s Insider Threat capability, made possible by the embedded teams from CDS DS, who together with our MOD partners, assure the success of this programme now and into the future”